Vintage “Precious Cargo” Baby Shower


We were swamped with the end of wedding season and all of the adorable photo shoots for the Halloween holiday, sorry we missed our last bog entry. I have to share this baby shower we did recently at a historic building in Oakley, CA because it stole my heart! Something about the Red Radio Flyer wagon and gumball machines brought me back to my childhood.

I remember I used to hoard (AND HIDE) bags and bags full of candy and gumballs so that my sisters couldn’t find them and eat them… True story, I had a candy stash that would make anyone’s eyes widen… In the end I always ended up sharing it with them but the feeling of “wealth” that it gave me at 7 years old was tremendous! This baby shower had all the bells and whistles, the location, the furniture, the kitchenware, the accessories.

I hope everyone enjoys looking at it as much as we enjoyed creating & styling it!!
Now bring on the Holidays!!!




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